Post-Apocalyptica with a Dash of Glitter and Sprinkles?

Okay, so this may be a bit of a rant from yours truly( okay it is a rant)… Here is what I posted on my personal facebook page:

“The next review I read that mentions how dark or disturbing a Post-Apocalyptic novel was… I’m going to SCREAM! What did you expect? Sprinkles and glittery goodness? It’s Post-Apocalyptica! I expect it to be on the dark side, bleak, unnerving…Isn’t that the point? Maybe I am missing something? I know it’s fiction but why sugar-coat?”

Seriously… I am in search of some new post-apocalyptic fiction and I am prone to read reviews because I want to get the most out of what I am reading because I am busily writing, homeschooling, and all that other good jazz we call adult daily life ( I need a nap). But some reviews just had me shaking my head and wondering what people are wanting to get out of a story with the end of the world in mind? Maybe I should just stick to reading the description and decide for myself if it is worth the read? But on the other hand,  I do value a good review and I am sure there are others out there that would agree with me that they can be useful…

Maybe it is my love obsession with the video game series Fallout? Or maybe it is my intense need to be prepared for anything? ( I am even seeking a degree in emergency management ) That pulls me close to this type of fiction? I absolutely love it! I read it, I play video games about it, and I write it! ( that is my second WIP when I get stuck on the first). So part of me just wants to rant away over the painstakingly obvious… When faced with disaster or the aftermath of it. Is everything supposed to be glitter, rainbows, and sunshine? I think not! There are dark places writers travel and honestly, some things make me uncomfortable when reading them ( all one has to do is check out the news).

I would think with this particular type of fiction, the uncomfortable would be at the forefront. Making us question humanity, morality, and life purpose ( or scare the shit out of us, turning us into crazed preppers who clearly don’t have enough food storage). Just to name a few areas. Now I know not everyone likes darker themes in writing, but I truly don’t think that an author who has written such fiction should have to gloss over possible truths presented. They shouldn’t have to tone down anything about those truths.

Why? Because there is ugliness, darkness, depravity, and real evil in this world. I won’t turn a blind eye. Why would I want to? It may cause me to have those “icky” feelings. Doesn’t mean I have to dwell on it or actively participate in such things ( but you’ll be darned sure I’ll read about it). It is just part of life and as a writer life is a very good teacher on what to write even the uglier bits that are VERY unpleasant. The end of our society as we know it is definitely an unpleasant topic and fiction is a way to work through it. So no glitter and sprinkles okay?



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