Writing Toolbox 2.0

Social media is a big thing these days Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ ( I personally don’t use it much but I know it’s still active) to name just a few. They are there and there is something to be said about connecting to likeminded individuals through social media that can be truly helpful so as I was pondering on my next blog post and wondered if I ought to cover another item for the writing toolbox- Facebook groups popped up in my thoughts. And here is why:

So, I’ll admit I’m not exactly fond of Facebook but the writing groups I’m in can’t be beat! I enjoy my time spent in those virtual groups. When I sit down at the computer and login I’m always excited to see what’s going on in those groups first newsfeed be damned! (Yes people I don’t have the FB app on my phone I did for a time, but honestly it’s just better for me to not have it. After all I’m busy writing right?One less distraction).

The groups I’ve joined all have similar purposes, writers helping writers basically. Some are local groups which enables us to connect past the computer screen, some are genre specific, while others may be free courses offered by authors, etc.

You can definitely see why Facebook groups can be considered a tool in the writing toolbox. Depending on the group or groups you join ( which I’ll always suggest adding groups with a good purpose, don’t get all excited and join a ton, be picky-choosy) you will be getting help or helping others or a mixture of both.It’s nice to have a community that works on building each other up.

You can totally utilize such groups to hone in on your writing skills whether you’re learning from others or sharing a bit of your own experiences. You can connect to author services like editing, cover design, writing courses. You can add a group specific to promoting your books and from what I’ve seen it does pay off ( I’m also a huge supporter of other writers because not everyone has a great support system and if you love to write if writing is your passion keep on doing it, don’t stop, and there are writers out there who love to connect).

So my suggestions for writing groups:

Find local groups- these tend to have events. Mine are specific to Colorado. One, in particular, has events monthly. Totally take advantage of groups with your location in mind.

Writers Helping Writers- go to search on FB and type it in you’ll find it quick…large group but the group search function enables you to go through past posts ( do this in all groups though) you’ll find good answers and resources for the most part. Overall I enjoy being in the group.

Genre search- look for your specific genre and ask to join those that appeal to you the most. I always opt for ones with a good number of people- they tend to be more active. I’d give suggestions but it’s obvious why I won’t lol!

Any others that will benefit you. If you follow Derek Murphy on Creative Indie and want to publish that way I’ll totally suggest Guerrilla Publishing- wonderful Facebook group to be in.

Any friends who are authors? Ask them what groups they are in. I’ve been lucky my friend whose recently published two books suggested a few groups to me ( thank you, Trish).

As you can see it’s easy to consider Facebook groups a writing tool. Are FB groups already a part of your toolbox? Why or why not?


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