Writing Toolbox 1.0

Hey everyone,

I hope Monday finds you all well and ready to get the week started. I am working with my kiddo on homeschool ( our usual schedule), she works busily on an art project while I work on blog posts and other writerly things.  For today I’ll concentrate on the writer’s toolbox. What is in yours if you too, write.  I know this will be varied per person. There will be things I find of value and you may not. All personal preference. I always tell people to do what works best for them. I have found that is some seriously good advice.

Anyway, onward to the first tool, I utilize in my writer toolbox and it is one that works for me. After using NaNoWriMo website and tracking my word count I find that it motivates me to really keep writing but it is a tool from the site best used during NaNoWriMo right? So I did some searching and found a website titled WriteTrack and so far it has been great. It has a calendar format so you can see the entire month and how many words you need to write daily, it tracks you and your progress and you can choose how long you want to work on your current WIP.

There is also the option to add friends and you can even share your progress by tweeting. I know for some people this really helps them stick to a goal by sharing it publicly. Again it is totally up to you. Does tracking your word count help you to stay productive with your writing? Let me know in the comments!

Here is the link the website: WriteTrack




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