What Songs Get You in The Writing Mood (or) Inspire You To Write

Who here listens to music while they are writing? Have a favorite playlist? or do you wing it like I do by turning on Pandora and just let the words flow? Do you stick to a particular genre of music or do you like to mix it up?

Right now I am listening to “Lord of the Rings” radio. So I get a good mixture of world music and music from some of my favorite movies. What music I choose to listen to greatly depends on my mood and what I feel like listening to. I also fancy Celldweller Radio especially when I am working on a scene with some serious action.

Here are some my favorite songs if you care to listen:

Celldweller- Down to Earth

Circle of Dust- Dust to Dust

Bad Wolves- Zombie (cover)

Saren- Mass Effect Soundtrack

FFDP- Jekyll and Hyde

Lindsey Stirling- Dragon Age

Fallout Soundtrack- Ink Spots- Don’t want to set the world on fire

Big Iron- Marty Robbins

Jack’s Lament- Nightmare Before Christmas

Labyrinth- David Bowie- Magic Dance

Static X – Anything But This 

In This Moment- Adrenalize

In general, I love music so this list isn’t extensive or maybe I have way too many songs I like! I can’t possibly share them all! What are some songs that are in your favorites or your writing playlist? Share in comments.



2 thoughts on “What Songs Get You in The Writing Mood (or) Inspire You To Write

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  1. Spotted you on community pool! Like the look of your blog, especially the home page! In terms of what I listen to when I write; I tend to use the Spotify “mood” playlists, depending on how I’m feeling/what genre I want. I’ve found some really interesting stuff that I would never have even considered before by doing that!

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