Another Excerpt( or two) from Current WIP

A very unedited version excerpt from my current WIP from my main character Anya:

“I slipped downstairs in silence.  A sense of calm rushed over me, I knew the path before me, was the right one to take.  I got up gently and made my way to my little sister’s room. She lay asleep flat on her back her right leg with her knee drawn up to her hip. I used to tease her about it, sleeping with that knee up in the air like that. I would miss her I kissed her forehead lightly. Next, I slinked into my parents’ room and gave them both gentle hugs. I happened to be the only one who was a morning person they mumbled “I love you” to me and rolled back over to sleep longer. Thank goodness this daily ritual was the norm. They were none-the-wiser.”

It has been awhile since I’ve shared tidbits, I am working on a rough part of the story and honestly feeling a bit stuck and need to overcome the struggle.  Here is another excerpt following the scene above: 

“Without looking back, I took off toward the sidewalk jogging until about a block down. Follow the same routine I kept repeating to myself. Mr. Zimmerman rushing swiftly by with a stark hello like always. I smiled and belted out a good morning to him. Could this be any harder? I asked myself, probably. It wasn’t so much the idea of leaving to obtain the truth, but leaving my family and friends.”

Admittedly hard to share these, those first drafts are not pretty. I know where I need to fix things but I also think it is a good idea to just be real and raw about my writing experiences. These two excerpts from my story may not be perfect and I am sure once edited I will see my mistakes and cringe but I will also be happy for the critique so I can grow as a writer. 

On another note, I would love to see what you are working on. Anyone want to share a tidbit from their WIP? Doesn’t necessarily have to be writing.   🙂 



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  1. This is from my book “In Search of Healing” that comes out next month. It’s the second book in the series and I’m really enjoying writing it 🙂

    He smirked, “What’s to say that I wasn’t working alone? After all, you have evidence placing me at the scene of the crime and no one else. Well, other than the late Ms. Valens that is.”

    “As it turns out, Ms. Valens didn’t trust you. Too bad she didn’t realize that when she hooked up with you, but greedy desperate people make poor decisions.” She shrugged slightly. “Anyway, she left behind a record in case you betrayed her that was just chock full of information.”

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