Pinterest 4 Writing Help

So, admittedly I have a slight addiction to Pinterest. I love that a variety of things, topics, objects pop up on my screen feeding my need for visual representation. While I love reading and writing… There is something to be said about what is seen with the eyes. At least when it comes to this gal right here as I type.

This is where Pinterest comes into play for writing help. I have a board dedicated to writing. There are links to several articles, blogs and cool little charts to view when I need to. I like that it is organized in one area as well so I’m not digging around through bookmarks or searching a group on Facebook or wondering if I posted it to my timeline. It’s all kept on one board with easy access. Truly you can’t beat that. Is anyone else a big fan of Pinterest for writing tips and tricks?

How else do you use Pinterest to help with your writing? I’ve decided to try out a story board, something to help me with my latest novel. I plan on posting how it all goes when completed with pros and cons. I’d say the only con for Pinterest is certain websites do not have images but it seems very rare these days I’m sure as I delve into this new project to enhance my writing I’ll figure out more! We shall see.

~ Lexx Writes~

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