This is a good one, what hobby or hobbies help you improve as a writer? I have several that help me. Woodworking, crafts, crochet, and drawing to name a few. Why do these help me? I enjoy doing each, I love the process of creating something with my hands and seeing the results. When I don’t get to do some sort of craft, etc I honestly can’t write…my mind is blank. I lack concentration, I can barely focus on the story and sometimes I don’t even feel like writing ( gasp).

Without DIY, crafts, crochet, gardening, or working with a piece of wood; I feel utterly empty, like I’m missing pieces of myself. I’m usually more stressed, anxious, and depressed without. There is something to be said when you can sit down with a few key items, work on creating, create, and a see a finished product that you made. You feel fulfilled, accomplished, and then for me considering my hobbies I might get to enjoy a reclaimed wood wall art piece, a crochet hat that matches my favorite jacket perfectly, and of course tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, all the delicious veggies from the garden.

They help to improve because I’m crafting, it may not be with words but the creation factor is strong with this one. I am more focused, happy, and can center myself to work more with words.

They give me a chance to release all the bad energy that hinders me from being a productive writer. It also teaches me to be more patient… sometimes I want to finish a story fast, you can’t rush seeds to grow and you certainly can’t rush a good story right?

I could also say that these hobbies of mine have enabled me to outline my novels better. You really can’t go wrong with a hobby that you enjoy. Seems like I could figure out many more things. But I’m going to ask you now. What hobby or hobbies help improve your writing?

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