~New Stories~Creative Flow~

Why hello there Readers and Writers alike!

It is a lovely, albeit “chilly” afternoon here in Colorado. No complaints here though, the sun is out, the skies are clear and in the afternoon I stick to a schedule with my five year old. She is currently homeschooled and we are diligently working on learning new things, the afternoon is often a time for us both to concentrate on quietly working which enables me to write a bit and for her to find her way while she learns to write or work her way through an art project.

Anyway, so here we are… the title of this post deals with new stories and creative flow, where is this lady going with her thoughts today? You might ask yourself as you read away. Let’s start with the first two words. New stories, where do they come from? Where do you get those ideas for new stories? This is a perfect question to ask yourself if you, like myself, love to write and create stories. But seriously where the hell do they come from? This is where creative flow came to mind, at least for me.

Are you able to have your flow constantly going? Is it interrupted by stress or life in general? Is there something you can do to remedy the issue? I have to make mention of this because depending on how you feel there might not be that flow you are seeking/ wanting to happen, personally, you can make it happen with enough gumption. All it takes is some motivation to decide how to make the muse happy. My muse loves when I create in general. Whether I am crocheting, drawing, writing, I will generally have a story idea pop up. Now if I need some help I take to Pinterest and search for writing prompts, I will turn on Pandora to one of my favorite stations, I’ll revisit pat ideas written down and even my dreams inspire me ( dream journals come in handy for writers if you ask me) What is something you do? Do you do something similar? what works best for you? Those are my top three ( if all else fails, ice cream right *wink*).

I have noticed for awhile now that I constantly have stories popping up begging to be written. I would say, on the daily, I have about three or four stories that crop up and I simply jot down my ideas as quickly as they come, and they leave about the same way they came too! Fast and furious! Lol! So, ( for me) it is always best to get them down immediately even the smallest of notes will jog my memory later and I can expand on the original thought. Of course, this is just my process. I know there is no wrong or right way. Only the way that works best for me ( and it should be the same for you).

Where do the ideas come from though? I have some things that help inspire me, but I also mentioned that the ideas come to me randomly. Basically, everyday life inspires me. It could be something as simple as a piece of jewelry, a scene in a movie, a new book I am reading,  or my husband/ friends talking with me. I swear the inspiration never stops and I don’t mind this bit at all! Where does your inspiration come from? Is it something very specific? I find life gives me plenty and I rather like it that way.



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