I started out with NaNoWriMo strong and then my computer decided it wanted to die ( okay maybe not certain death but video card death, have had the issue before).  So there went NaNoWriMo… it is all right. There is always next year and I have taken to using my iPad for writing with a very simple app that fit my pocketbook at the moment. I will continue to write but in different ways. I may also try writing on paper. I do favor the computer for the ease, but one must do what they have to right?

So thus why this blog post is titled blah! Currently waiting for the husband to get my files off my computer so I haven’t totally lost my novels I have been working on. He has been busy so it hasn’t happened yet ( another blah). I just needed to vent the woes. I miss my computer and I hate that my files are just sitting. It is what it is.

I am curious what other writers have done when faced with a similar dilemma so tell me what have you done or do to make sure you never lose any of your work?


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