I am working on finishing up my current fantasy novel while also getting myself ready for NaNoWriMo2017, which means I am deep in PlanOWriMo mode right? In the beginning I thought to myself You got this Lexxy, you can finish up your current WIP, work on planning the novel for nanowrimo and stay completely focused I guess it was a good attempt at motivating myself, but I did lose my focus the last several days.

Perhaps it is a lack of coffee and the serious need for some good tacos… or maybe the excitement of the dystopian novel forming in my mind with every planning step I take. Of course while working in the planning phase I also stumbled upon another story( what the what quit!Stop, hold up!), just waiting to be told. We will see how that story unfolds( oh the possibilities)

So there you have it folks. Three stories circulating in my mind. I had to take pause and write a tidbit of the third one down since the first one is close to being finished and the other is just waiting for November 1st. I am not sure I will seriously attempt to write all three simultaneously, but it was an idea I seriously considered.  I decided to be content with continuing my current project and in truth when I look at it. It is fantasy, but there is that dystopian flavor and this is totally fine by me.

I definitely feel like I am in that early stage of finding my writer voice. If that makes sense? I have several other stories written down, but not nearly as in depth as my current WIP. I want to see where I am headed by simply just writing. I like the journey thus far. I need the experience with POV too. I am writing first person, point of view. Here is an excerpt from my fantasy novel. Just a heads up this is my first draft,no editing or polishing up words has been done but I wanted to give a sneak peak.

“I lay there for moments wishing my decisions hadn’t led me to this place. There was no turning back. But I needed to find to her. Her smile pierced my memory. My mother had told me my grandmother died when I was very little. Why the memories then? I had been at least twelve in some of them. Why the constant dreams from her calling out to me for several months? I always had this feeling… deep inside I knew my mother had been lying to me. What was she hiding? Why didn’t she want me to remember? Why didn’t she want me to recall my past?”     – Anya

Anya is my main character in the Ires novel. She is a 25 year old woman who has been lied to by her mother about the death of her grandmother so of course Anya is going to go in search for more answers to her visions that are pouring in faster by the day. What she doesn’t know is what she will unlock or find in the process. Now Anya is an older character but in her world she is disabled by the magic within or so she thinks/ has been told. She has been treated a certain way all her life because of it. Soon the truth will come out and she will see her disability in a different light. I chose to include this aspect for my character due to my own health issues that have greatly affected my quality of life (which will pop up here and there in the blog from time to time).In short, I am excited to finish it and share Anya’s story with the world.

Hmm… What was the point of this blog post, oh yes! My serious lack of focus and need for coffee and tacos(but not together because gross/weird). Those are all very important right? Now that I have gotten more ideas on paper for those other two novels. I do feel like I can focus on finishing Anya’s story. Maybe being completely focused is highly overrated.If a character or story presents themselves and steals a few moments of my time. Is it all bad? I don’t think so.





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