Write Today, Write Tomorrow…


Write every single day, each moment that you can spare. A few minutes of writing, in the end does go a long way. It is better to write minimally instead of not at all.  There was a time I let fear consume me. I feared letting my voice be heard and my writing to be seen so I stopped writing but it didn’t stop the stories from flowing and it didn’t stop me from creating. I just didn’t push it further like I should have. In truth, I may still harbor some of this fear and I have been reminding myself ( and you can too) to just keep writing, no matter what!

Don’t let your inner editor or critic come out just yet and don’t be afraid of the first creation, simply create, let it flow, without judgment and finish it. The first thing you must do is write… no one is a best selling author with their first draft in fact this is why the story, the poem, whatever you are creating…because let’s be honest this doesn’t only apply to writing… so make that first creation; bust out that first draft. 🙂

You take that first draft or creation and you work from there, you make it better, you become better… with practice. I am pretty sure out of all the advice  I have read on writing, this is the one to start with… the goal that begets the others. Write, create, and write some more. So for today, if you are thinking about writing because you love to, do it! Don’t wait, take a few minutes to do something you love and enjoy it.  Do it everyday.




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