Ah yes, look here, the very first blog post is being created, slowly coming into being with every word I type. Let’s be honest, it may not be the easiest post to write or even the best written. It is like the start of a novel, the setting of your work that will soon be laid out in many posts to come. A representation of you and your work. I don’t want typical, and I certainly don’t want the cliche. I want unique, and I want something to speak beyond who I am and what I am doing. So I titled it, Wanderlust, the need to rove and travel. But the path I am taking is the worded kind, I travel the roads of imagination, where there are stories to be read and stories to be told. I can only hope that in the midst of my travels, you, yes you! Will join me and wander along the same path, at least for a little while before venturing further on your own. Happy writing & reading,

Adalynd Grayves

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